MotoGP 2021 Return of the Victory Marc Marquez

Jakarta - MotoGP 2021 Monster Energy Yamaha rider from France Fabio Quartararo claimed to be amazed by the performance of Marc Marquez throughout MotoGP 2021. Marquez, who is recovering from a direct injury to the gas, won two victories in Germany and the United States.

Through his official statement quoted from speed wick, Quartararo said Marquez is a fighter who always wants to exceed the limit because if Marquez's condition is experienced by other riders maybe they need longer to return to his performance. That's why it's called The Baby Alien. 

Quartararo now believes Marquez is a figure from outside the planet who deliberately came to Earth to race. I have a lot of respect for him. He coming from another planet, for me, he is one of the best racers.
All the time, Quartararo said. The statement does not seem excessive because Marquez's two victories this season feel so special, because the baby alien is absent for almost a year. 

Not only that, but in his development, he also went through a series of long surgeries ranging from recovery to plate installation. If you miss a year full of severe injuries and a few surgeries, then what he's achieved now is much more amazing. I immediately took my hat off and congratulated him on Quartararo.

Marc Marquez is currently seventh in the standings with a collection of 117 points, many people think he might be able to win if he recovers early. Currently leading the standings while the 2021 MotoGP constructors' team makes the 2021 GP Desmosedici bike the best iron horse of the season.

Repsol Honda manager Alberto Puig agreed. According to him, Ducati is a good bike but it's all useless for the riders who ride it not to be good. Puig said the last time Ducati was strong was when Casey Stoner was still strengthened. While Honda has so far consistently had a strong bike as well as a great rider. Maybe at this time Francesco medicine, he has shown goods performances with Ducati by being second in the 2021 MotoGP standings. But he thinks it's not enough.

The 54-year-old thinks what Honda has shown in recent years by winning the MotoGP world title with Marc Marquez is the best thing. Marquez himself is recorded to have won the MotoGP title six times and most recently in 2019. Puig said Honda has had great riders and won titles over the years. He also explained that currently the driver in his team is the best rider and is still growing.
Honda has had the best rider for many years not only Marquez, but it's also for something and various reasons," Puig said.

At the moment I insist. We Honda have the best riders and the generation of riders you say we are now seeing their development. But we can't jump to conclusions because they haven't shown their maximum performances and how far they can progress. Puig thinks Ducati needs to prove itself to be the best by giving birth to a world champion rider. Puig disagrees with people's contention that Ducati currently has an impressive bike but could not win the title after Stoner did so in 2007. But you don't have to anticipate, you have to see who wins and how much Ducati gets to have a bike that everyone says is fantastic. But the last world championship won by Stoner, of course, the public is entitled to say like that, but when Marquez missed out throughout MotoGP 2020. Honda has difficulty competing in the top flight so without Marquez, Honda is not too strong as well.

The Rider's return to Germany proved he was still competitive despite missing almost nine months with a humerus fracture he suffered in hospital in July last year. In the race at the Sachsenring Marquez won his first victory. This season beyond the usual six-time MotoGP world champion was recorded as the best Honda Rider in MotoGP 2021. Despite missing the first two races Marc Marquez has shown progress but it can not close. The fact that his condition has not recovered 100% due to the effects of three surgeries he lived it. 

This is what makes the driver inconsistent. I believe that Marquez is still recovering following last year's horror crash. This was conveyed by the legendary Honda Rider in the episode.
The Australian Grand Prix podcast. Kim Jeffrey Sleen I don't think he's fit at the moment, the bike is also, in my opinion, a little bit off the Honda track, not the bike he used to be. Marquez is just starting to get physical strength in his right arm, so I guess that's the problem," Doohan said.

This game never waits for anyone, they are out for a long time and their riders perform week by week. Adding, despite the challenges still facing Marc Marquez, winning the five-time motor racing world championship Premier class title, he believes his junior has what it takes to get back to his best form.

He knows how to race only at the moment he hasn't. "He can repay like before, but with the talent he has, and if Honda can get his bike back, he can be competitive again," Johan said. He may need to improve a little. But I think he has the credentials to be able to compete again for the MotoGP world title conclude.

It is undeniable that Fabio Quartararo is a mainstay for Yamaha this year, especially in the factory standings compared to the other three riders, only Fabio Quartararo is the most often on the podium. I even have big fans to become MotoGP world champion in 2021. His 12-year contract with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP will expire in December 2022. With many factory riders whose contracts expire next year, so the 2022 MotoGP rider transfer window will move wildly, but there has been no offer for Fabio Quartararo to extend his contract with Yamaha.

Though it is a habit of Yamaha team with the tuning fork logo, it is always early to extend the contract, such as extending the maverick Vinales contract in early 2020. The goal is obviously to keep the rider from moving to another team or manufacturer. But there has been no talk from Yamaha for Fabio Quartararo. He has even had offers from two teams. The manufacturer to recruit Fabio Quartararo from 2023 by Rigney personal manager Fabio Quartararo.

Approach with a much larger salary. No wonder if this offer sees the results and performance of Quartararo reported from fedop GB. Besides, the age of the French rider who is still young, so it becomes a selling point. Higher in the future. Yamaha has not had any talks at all probably going ahead of the final series. Erick Mayang explained now all the focus for the world champion, riders, and manufacturers before Valencia. I will try to ask Yamaha at the end. Yamaha always gives a two-year contract to its flagship young rider. It is unlikely that Yamaha will be like Honda who gave 4 years of the contract to Marc Marquez.

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